Heya!! You appear to have found somewhere you probably shouldn't have. Well that's fine! We all come and go as we see fit. This here is my humble abode upon the internet, and I enjoy it here. You might be wondering what this place is for, and it's quite simple, really. It's a place to store all my writing, as I loathe those pesky fic sharing sites such as Wattpad and AO3 (not for like- moral reasons but cuz I fear people seeing my work), a little diary of sorts that I really don't care if people look at, and just a general storage area for my tomfoolery. Below are little links to check out the rest of the site. Have fun!

Warning: While this site's main focus isn't NSFW content, please tread carefully if under the age of 18. No visual pornography is available on my site as of the most recent updates however there is erotica. Anything with mature themes is labelled as such, so don't like, don't read. Thanks!

Warning 2: This site DOES use JS for certain features (webrings and minor cosmetics) but overall should still be navigatable since I suck hardcore at JS anyways lol.

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