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March 2023


Headshot of Ellie while I tried to figure out her official design! It ended up being the one I went with.

Ellie full body! She's the genderbent version of Elijah. A silly hyperfemme gf for a silly hella butch gal.


Ooh~ Jackal reveal~ Now everyone can stop calling Cyril a dilf~


Seed eater moment. I wanted to try my hand at realistic works again and got this out so I'm rather proud of it.


Yknow that like- Old anime ms paint style? Yeah,,, I still fuck w/ that so I drew myself in that style. Oops


Kira!! Genderbent version of my main OC, Cyril. She's a total lesbian and the most unhinged gal second only to her gf. We love her.