Hi! Welcome to my website!! You might be thinking "woah- how did i get here?" and the answer to that is... I don't... I don't know??? How did you? Anyways, that aside, this is my personal site, filled with many silly goodies, things I thought looked neat, things I've made, and, well Things(tm). You can look around, but don't break anything. Also, leave a nice comment on any story I've written that piques your interest if you have the time, and if you feel like contacting me feel free to reach out through email but I have other socials if you want to hit me up that way! Have fun exploring!

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So you might be wondering: hey, Alex, do you have an actual checklist for what needs to be fixed on this site? And the answer is no, I don't. I just update stuff as I see fit, which is actually Really Fun. But also why that update log is important lmao.



Marble Hornets